Cycling is a strange deal. I obviously love the feeling, like nothing else, even more than my motorcycle, but sometimes, just out of the blue, my motivation just dies. I just look at the bike and think of a 100 reasons not to ride, rather one reason TO ride.

Right now, this more than anything else, is my bicycling hurdle. I have to break this trend, and the way is just to go ride. I know this, but its as if a giant fist is holding me, stopping me from going out the door. “what if I flat, I dont have time to put my kit together, what if I crash, this week is important at work, what if I’m too tired afterward to get anything done…”

When I type it out, its infuriating, and maybe thats the right answer, typing it out, like saying it to someone, makes me realize how dumb it is…

Lets see if it works…

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