New Jazz and Plans

I’m listening to the Apple Music “Jazz Currents” playlist this morning, as I slept in and missed Sunday Morning Jazz on KUTX. It is described as “Every Jazz era had its modernists, but here the focus is the present-and a look into the future. Rhythmically daring and emotionally intense, today’s jazz is an art that perpetually surprises and evolves”.

Presently playing is “The Messenger” by Theo Croker (featuring ELEW), and that description is as apt as I could imagine. I enjoy this playlist, it’s pretty much my go-to for Sunday mornings unless I feel nostalgic.

Apple Music has gotten significantly better over the last year, and I’ve gone back and forth between it, Spotify, and even Tidal for years now, but since switching my earbuds game to AirPods Pro, it’s been just more comfortable to stick with the apple offering. I still find that some of the generated playlists on Spotify are more to my liking, but I usually just import them over to Apple Music. As to Tidal, I really liked it a lot when I was listening to audiophile earbuds. There is no doubt the original master level of streaming made a huge difference in audio quality. I remember passing them to Torrie one night at dinner to hear 6lack through them, and her eyes just lit up, and she said, “Wow…” so I bought her a set of the same earbuds, and she promptly lost them. Lesson learned, I guess.

I’m trying to find some predictability to my weekends again, with Saturday being a productivity day and Sunday being more of a rest and reset day. I like to sleep in a little, and then get up and nurse coffee for an hour or two while listening to mellow music to set the mood. I think its good for the spirit to get some real reset time on the weekends, I firmly subscribe to the idea that I don’t live to work. That being said, I haven’t done anything but work for the last year really, between the optempo at JFHQ, the Sergeants Major Academy, and now the COVID lockdowns, the idea of tossing it all on a Saturday morning and going somewhere nice just hasn’t come to be. Given that we’ve had some car troubles and the kid’s schedules have been pretty nuts, it’s been like a perfect storm of “stay home and catch up.”

We’re planning a little trip to the coast in October, likely the third weekend or maybe even Halloween, and that should go a long way toward helping get the minds back on track that there is more to life than work.

This weekend though, I’ve still got a fair bit to do with the cruiser prep, some shelves that I’ve been promising to hang, and general cleanup around the yard in advance of this week. Maybe this coming weekend, which is Labor Day, I can get zeroed out and check a few tasks off the list. I think once the truck is up and going, I’ll pile Jack in and head up to the lake for some fishing. Plans.

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