Surgery day

I’ve been putting this off for months, actually for over a year, but I’ve finally gotten it scheduled and today is the day. It’s not a big procedure, but the injury itself and subsequent secondary injuries have had a huge impact on my core strength, to the point of having basically zero core specific training…Read more »

Everyone is sick

Tonight is a hot toddy night Two winter spice tea bags, 2 Tablespoons of local honey (local is important for relief) but not essential for flavor 2 oz of whiskey (you can omit if you abstain- thoughts on alternatives?) 2 teaspoons of lemon juice Brew in a teapot for five minutes then separate into two…Read more »

Harvey Damp

The Hurricane known as Harvey put a bit of a slow down on my riding here lately. Thankfully we’re far enough up in central Texas that we didn’t get a ton of damage ourselves, just some fallen sheetrock due to water penetration on the house. Certainly nothing like what our friends and families in Houston…Read more »