George send me a pic of his bike a few weeks ago and while I really like these type of bikes I wouldn’t normally feature one. However after reading that it was built on an $800 budget I had to post it as inspiration for others

“Here is the story of the motorcycle so far. Bought about a year ago as a commuter in a totally original state (not even an exhaust on it). The bike was doing it’s job pretty well, but i saw that there where some true potentials of beauty in her.

Inspiration came from bike builders like A.C santcuary & Bulldock Japan and i started with a very tight budget of aprox. $800 to build it. A lot of one off parts made by me like the clip on’s, the tail tidy and even the solid brass label on the exhaust is made by hand by me. The color is a unique, one off mixture off gold & green pearl with black stripes on it, and a thick coat of clear laquer (5 hands of it!)

Lot’s of powdercoated parts, wheels, swingarm, triple trees even the levers are OEM powder coated. The fact that I was on such a tight budget made me try something different, the bike is not a bolt on bike.
The exhaust is the original OEM headers 4 to 1, chopped, with a one off inserted silencer. The headlight is a 1978 yamaha xs 400. I changed the brake hoses with braided one, chopped rear light, lever hollowed by hand and a lot of small part’s on the bike are powder coated. Even the seat was remoulded with anti-slip surface.

The bike was built in a room acually with late night’s and rock’n’roll music!
I am very proud of her (here in Greece bikes have a sex when we talk about them)

Yours sincerely 
Gerorge Lavatsis LVTZ
Amateur bike builder/Mechanical Engineer”

This thing is amazing

Dave @mellowdave