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: They weren’t kidding about I the weather today. Ironically I just said a bit ago “well, looks like …

: It’s awfully early for a retired guy like me me to be up.

: Money is an illusion, but it’s an illusion by which we all live and die.

: I just ate the last Gummi Bear from a pack I was given recently. Disappointed that it was the last …

: After 30 years in the Army, being the “guy in charge” most of the time, it’s still …

: Smooth seas make not a skilled sailor.

: We (My son Jack and I) finally watched “Nope” last night, and it was close to perfect. Perhaps the …

: The weather the last few days has been regularly volatile, and while I hope it isn’t affecting …

: I love cinematic scores. Over the years there have been so many pieces that just define the genre of …

: Some folks I work with are engaged in an intense conversation about the intrinsic merits of limeade. …

: This is bureaucracy for its own sake. “Bring two utility statements to establish residency” But my …

: We request appointments literally months in advance. They repeatedly admonish you not to be late. We …

: I’m a middle aged white guy, who can take time from work at will. I’m currently at the DMV and my …

: Sometimes you have one of those mornings where the radio station you listen to just gets it right. I …

: Here we go, Again…

: Were having QUITE the light show here in the ATX right now…

: It’s about to get real nice and nasty here for a few minutes…

: I dont know much, and everyday I realize that I know less. HOWEVER, I know, beyond a shadow of a …

: Looks like fun tonight kids!! KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity 1 19:15 #txwx

: This kid looks 12. I understand he’s 21, and a member of an intelligence wing in Maine, but that …

: Is anyone who has ever seen “American Psycho” able to listen to Phil Collins Sussudio without …

: I solidly, and absolutely subscribe to a policy of listening more than I speak. While listening, I …

: Every time my watch congratulates me for successfully washing my hands, I read it in Will Ferrell …

: Well I just paid my first civilian medical co-pays in over 20 years. Such is the price of freedom …

: It’s looking a little ugly tonight. Exhilaratingif nothing else. KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity 1 …

: Does anyone else follow Abbie Barnes? Her YouTube Her IG If you’re an outdoors person into hiking, …

: If I went the rest of my life without hearing the sound of landscapers blasting leaves and debris …

: Is anyone ever right about the weather?

: I am so close to actually being out of the Army that I can taste it. Thirty years is a long time to …

: Anyone else watching (or watched) “1899”? We stumbled into it, but damn it’s been entertaining. I …

: It’s 2022 and I’m still standing in line behind people arguing with the cashier about what type of …

: It’s good to have the rain back on my window.

: Life will kill you eventually. Have some fun before you go. Me

: Oh yeah. Real rain today. This is the remnant of the line that wrecked Dallas yesterday and last …

: Well hell, maybe we will actually get some rain today… KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 14:16 …

: Does an ending need to be satisfying? Well, it needs to be SOMETHING…

: Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit H.Rollins

: Maybe it will rain today after all… KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 16:19 CDT #txwx

: We had COVID run rampant through the house again this week. I think it has finally run it’s course …

: I have to say, I’m enjoying these morning storms quite a bit. KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 …

: Got a nice little dousing of unexpected, but VERY welcome rain this morning.

: Looks like it might be one of those nights… KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 23:42 CDT #txwx

: I’ve spent thirty years as an airborne infantryman, I’m a combat veteran, Jumpmaster, Pathfinder, …

: My son spent his birthday today laid up with a 101-102 degree fever. Not COVID, we tested first …

: Perhaps I am indeed becoming an old man. I am spending my Friday night reading about Nazi Germany …

: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself”

: I’m fascinated with the @historyhit Shackleton expedition. It’s pretty very super cool.

: It’s 30 degrees and snowing. In Texas. Time to find some nice documentaries and settle in.

: I guess since I’ve given up jumping out of airplanes, I’m going to need a new brutally fast …

: We are limited animals, with unlimited horizons. E Becker.

: Is cat, or is flamingo?

: This is the way

: It’s rough out there this morning, don’t drive angry.

: Well, it’s Groundhog Day. Again…

: I really hate being sick. The one upside is that I usually catch up on my reading, and I’m doing …

: It’s definitely sleeting now.

: A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that …

: I finished “The Road not Taken” by Max Boot last night. I started this book last year sometime, it’s …

: What an odd batch of days we’ve had here lately. At some point, a string of odd days becomes common …

: My dog is the strangest animal on the planet. Literally.

: Thinkin bout goin for a bike ride

: I’m watching Matrix Revolutions. And I’m leaning pretty strongly toward liking it…

: Lamb on the grill, black-eyed peas prepped, and potatoes coming along. We deferred NYD dinner for 24 …

: Scrivener? IaWriter? Thoughts?

: That wind is no joke outside right now. Got my PTSD from February kicking…

: There is only one breakfast appropriate for the 26th of December in Texas. #tamalesandeggs

: Christmas afternoon nap time…

: Well, I’ve painted my dining room twice in the last 24 hours. Let’s go for three times. Thrice if …

: Yet another day with a headache.

: There is no self righteousness like that of middle class white people …

: It is uniquely Texas cold out today. I know those of you up north laugh, but a few weeks ago I was …

: “Observation is a dying art” S. Kubrick

: To further - “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in …

: The function of man is to live. Not to exist.

: We made a tasty bean curry for dinner tonight - we do #meatlessMonday each week, and we’ve decided …

: I’ll be damned

: Literary Review. UGH. It’s like proofs in geometry.

: Just another morning of listening to my neighbors dog bark and the leaf blowers howl. #suburbia

: alien 3 This is far superior to the movie we got instead. @greatdismal is fantastic as always, and Pat …

: I really liked the Saitechi keyboard, but there was always this annoying lag when I started typing. …

: I have a hard time imagining a more pretentious word than “bespoke”.

: I’m testing my newly aquired MX Keys Mini on my Ipad. 👍🏼 Seems to work pretty doggoned good. This …

: Happiness = results minus expectations

: Remember, what the door mouse said… Feed your head Feed your head…

: Add today to the very long list of days that started with my waking to a seriously splitting …

: Man I always listen to music when I study or do any real work, and lately I find myself most …

: If I were still in a position where I had to live in a purely military town, I would have gotten out …

: I need to travel to Fort Hood from time to time to remind me just how much I hate this place.

: Yep

: Dang… it’s on tonight huh KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 19:59 CDT #txwx

: Taking advantage of the weather today and working at the alternate office.

: Well, I’m not totally sure what’s happening in this photograph, but it seems like an entertaining …

: I enjoyed the first one so much, I read the second. These books are a master class in efficient …

: I just read the first “Murderbot” book (novella really). I am again amazed that I went this long …

: My Letterboxd list of films about revenge from beyond. The first of my Halloween inspired lists… …

: We have an Eastern Screech owl who has been calling my yard home for over ten years. I’m listening …

: Man I’ve had a headache for about fifteen straight days.

: Is the copper pump worth the labor required to work the extra acre?

: I just had a lovely midnight snack with my youngest spawn. We sauté chickpeas with olive oil, dill, …

: All this stuff with the collapse of Afghanistan has me pretty bummed out.

: “Unfortunately for us, machine guns feel no emotions, at least, today they were not in awe” - …

: “You catch dem feels, ima sip on dis drink” - 6LACK

: I finished a Desolation called Peace on this drive across Arizona and Colorado. It was very …

: Long drive across Texas today. It will be good to be home.

: Turns out I’m really afraid of heights - 😳

: I do love a good coffee shop to take the edge off. @redrockcoffee

: Well Durango is awfully pretty, if a bit touristy…

: “Dislinear plotting and noncontiguous prose have their adherents, not the least of which am I, but …

: Well.… Well. Well. Well.

: Nothing better first thing in the morning. It always energizes me.…

: I’ve just eaten a lovely dime store burrito that I hope I dont regret later tonight, washed it down …

: i cannot believe it has taken me this long to discover this book. Currently reading: Hyperion …

: It’s been a while since I’ve travelled. It’s been even longer since I’ve stayed at altitude, and I’m …

: Just A Little Compassion

: For every step forward, there is a step back. The trick is keeping a reasonable perspective on …

: Today has been a truly strange day.

: I made a lovely paella last night.

: So. I’m walking earlier with my messenger bag slung across my back. It catches on a 10 foot 1x4 trim …

: Guy in the next office - speaking to no one (he’s an Air Force Lt Col BTW) I’m going to make my hot …

: Congratulations to Tampa Bay. 2 Cups in 2 years. We should be so lucky as to win one here in Texas …

: Instagram Alienates? THIS is a large part of why I have been reorganizing my online presence to move away from IG and to …

: Mark Cavendish What else is there to say? 33 and counting… (Photo from Getty)

: My Office Setup My current setup in the office is - IPad Pro 11 (2021 M1, 1TB, 5G) Satechi IPad Pro Dock Satechi X1 …

: I read last night that we’ve had as much rain in the last two days as we normally get in the entire …

: “Never give your critical faculties away to people in power, regardless of how admirable they seem …

: Me, today.

: Currently reading: Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos) by Dan Simmons 📚

: Phases and Stages I’m reorganizing this space to import my non motorsports posts from my old wordpress blog. …

: “The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed” - William Gibson

: “Photography is truth. The cinema is truth, twenty four times a second…” -Jean-Luc Godard

: my Letterboxd profile Letterboxd I really like movies…

: Sunday Morning Good Morning. Im beginning my day with some Miles Davis courtesy of KUTX and Sunday Morning Jazz, …

: “Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your …

: The result was a fine cup of Alfred’s Blend 👍🏼

: I had a coffee pot misfire this morning. I pulled the pot out for my expected delicious cup only to …

: Knowing Someone Silly statement, there have been literally endless pages written about the impossibility of truly …

: It is the want of happiness that makes one unhappy, not the absence of it.

: Is the process more important than the product?

: I’m decompressing to some of the best come-down music ever written and recorded. Moonlight …

: One should never underestimate the restorative powers of a truly hot shower. Even if that shower is …

: We are having one of those days that defines spring time in Texas. We need the rain, and we love …

: falcon 9 starlink launch Some super cool footage from the Falcon 9 launch tonight. This booster has flown 7 times before.

: Next up! SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink Mission.

: Chinese Long March 5B watching the Chinese launch a Long March 5B with the first module of their new space station.

: Tornado Watch woohoo! tornados. I understand one from this supercell was pretty destructive out west of us so it …

: Big Weather Night Looks like one of those nights for us. KGRK - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 20:02 CDT #txwx

: Helocast Had some fun today.

: Soon my dear, soon.

: lovely morning I like to sit out here in the mornings and take it all in. Today is threatening rain, and the …

: Delta IV Heavy I appointment view pretty much any rocket launch conducted from the continental US. I just watched …

: We had a relatively short weekend. I took Friday off work since the whole family was getting vaccine …

: We (well, by “we” I mean NASA via the JPL, and Ames aeronautics) flew a freakin’ helicopter on MARS. …

: Weekend Well, it was an interesting weekend. Too short, as always, but somewhat rewarding and generally …

: I’ve been thumbing through the users that I see with similiar interests to me, so I …

: The weather is not on my side today it would appear, so a trainer day it is.

: I got over it - the procrastination that is…

: I’m currently procrastinating on going for an hour long bike ride. Some sort of nonsense in my mind …

: Work and the day off. I felt a need to put quotes around the “day off” portion of that sentence. Before one …

: Hello World!

: Proper start to the morning @coffeesock @cuveecoffee #coffeemug #coffeeporn from Instagram: [](

: Broken clutch lever. 😟#ducatilife #ducatisti #996 from Instagram: [](

: "Woman! Where is my supersuit?!?" #armylife #incrediblesreference from Instagram: [](

: Ft Polk has a pretty good trail network - I do wish I'd brought my cross bike. #cxeveryday #missmybike from Instagram: [](

: My desk hi lights an interesting dichotomy between me as a Soldier and me as a person. #reader #pineywoods #traveler from Instagram: [](

: Just a typical Friday night for the Hunter Family #smartkids #readmorebooks @halfpricebooks from Instagram: [](

: I think you are automagically #roadieaf if you have a bike with butts (hairy legs and all) - or, even if you just know what butts are... #rideordie #betteroutside #pinarellocicli from Instagram: [](

: A quick stop at #andersonscoffeeandtea for my weekend supply and its #onemoreinthebooks #tgif #imout from Instagram: [](

: I've been thinking about my main man #smilinjack here a lot lately, and as we're hanging out watching "Stranger Things" again together I'm reminded just how far he's come in the last few years. #greatkids #oldestson #theyjustkeepgrowing from Instagram: [](

: So this just happened - Land Cruiser folks know exactly what's up - everyone else, the sun will now be in my eyes #landcruiserlife #dailydriver #meh from Instagram: [](

: Great clouds tonight when our little storm blew through #cloudporn #storms #atxwx #weatherwatchers from Instagram: [](

: #tbt with Mr Personality #circa2007 at @marathonkids #atx #coolkids #healthykids from Instagram: [](

: Looks like me and the Falcon might be about to get wet #landcruiserlife #fzj80 #atxwx #austinweatherwatching from Instagram: [](

: Conspicuously missing from even the best movies these days #entracte #intermission #grandprixmovie from Instagram: [](

: Fabulous clouds over north west Austin tonight #cloudporn #stormclouds #atxwx from Instagram: [](

: It's hot. Obscenely hot. But... #crossiscoming #cx365 #crosseveryday #cyclocrosslife gratuitous shout out to @speedsleev 😀 from Instagram: [](

: The things you do for love. My daughters camera is more expensive to operate than a Cold War jet fighter. #polaroid #onestep #impossibleproject from Instagram: [](

: #cx365 #crosseveryday #walnutcreek from Instagram: [](

: Working on American Cars is just such a simple prospect most of the time. That being said, it also explains their short life spans... #Buick #generalmotors #brakejob from Instagram: [](

: #picnic is a motherfucker on the cross bike #cx365 #crossiscoming #cxeveryday from Instagram: [](

: The body is saying "dude, come on, it's Friday night..lets go to the HAYouse" but the mind saying "shut up body!! #crossiscoming !!" #cxeveryday #cx365 @konabikes from Instagram: [](

: Post ride, legs up, doin a bunch a nuthin. #ATX #notskippingaride #atxrain from Instagram: [](

: Yellow looks pretty good on there ehh? @wits.end #fzj80 #landcruiserlife from Instagram: [](

: This isn't the most technically successful picture of all time, but it is one of my favorite #tbt of my babygirl #circa2004ish #fishing from Instagram: [](

: Salt on the quads, dust on the shins... Wait, wait... It must be #crosseveryday #cx365 @konabikes @pedalagainstptsd from Instagram: [](

: My good friend @tschrag19 after the 11th Jump we Jumpmastered together in a period of about 9 days. Exhausting but satisfying. The good old days to be sure. #tbt #circa2012 from Instagram: [](

: Crazy ass kittens #sillycats #itswarmhere from Instagram: [](

: My boys got they 7-11 Slurpees on this afternoon #711 #slurpeeday #happykidshappyme from Instagram: [](

: Knocking out a bearing service for a buddy #fixyourbike #damnedballbearings #clysdalehubs from Instagram: [](

: A #throwback to #circa2012 with Tron and his #mainsqueeze Soni. They're still every bit this cute when they are together today. #tbt #greatkidsgreatmemories #smartkidsrock from Instagram: [](

: A little brunch with the most amazing "almost 10 year old" I know #firecrackerbaby💖🎉🎊🎂🎁 #taqueria from Instagram: [](

: No hills, just miles #crosstrack #rideyourbike #outsideisbetter #ozonebikeshop @konabikes from Instagram: [](

: Half way through the Wednesday 90. It's kinda hot. Like Africa hot. #wednesdayworkout #outsideisbetter #rideyourbike #pinarellolove #qotsakeepsmecompany from Instagram: [](

: I just spent 40 minutes traversing trails not suited for bike nor billygoat #ugh #rideyourbike #outsideisbetter #myassismoked from Instagram: [](

: Sharing the couch with Mr Personality on a nice chill Saturday night while we listen to #twinetime on @kutx #coolkid #chillinthemost from Instagram: [](

: Man I love this bike. Every time I think I'm moving on, I just keep coming back to it. @pinarello_official #pinarello #rideyourbike #betteroutside @speedsleev from Instagram: [](

: #sockdoping at rest. (I had to wait for my bibs to dry...)  I'm all set for a cruise this morning and I realized that I washed, but forgot to dry my bibs. So …

: Another #tbt with my Babygoat #mykidsarecool #crazykids #circa2006 #bullcreek from Instagram: [](

: There are totally worse ways to spend a day #outsideisbetter #hanginwiththekids #fishinglife from Instagram: [](

: One can't be expected to fish all day without sustenance! #besthamburgerintown #fishinglife #hanginwiththekids from Instagram: [](

: This is what a day off is for #fishinglife #hanginwiththekids from Instagram: [](

: Not at all a bad #Malbec @lapostaargentina #wineporn from Instagram: [](

: I got out earlier enough to catch some #lemans24 before I ride this afternoon. #fathersdayweekend from Instagram: [](

: I picked up some @cuveecoffee #kumurembe yesterday, and it is QUITE the coffee. I highly recommend it. #coffeetime @kleankanteen @coffeesock from Instagram: [](

: Back when she really was my baby girl #tbt #neworleans #vieuxcarré #waybackmachine #circa2003 from Instagram: [](

: What a cool sign. Truly creative sign making is a lost art. #boozebox #signmakersunite #signart from Instagram: [](

: Eating dinner on the hood of my truck, enjoying the sunset by the lake #landcruiserlife #fzj80 #goodtimes from Instagram: [](

: It's "Smilin' Jack" proving that a good and ready smile can take you far in life #tbt #circa2007 #smilesfordays #smilesarefree from Instagram: [](

: #10thmountaindivision #wardak #ghazni from Instagram: [](

: I feel quite strongly that knowledge is a process, and that knowledge and wisdom are two different things. "One should seize opportunities for increased understanding, however they may present themselves" #rommel #knowledgeispower #maketimetoread from Instagram: [](

: There's a nice part to almost every day #landcruiserlife #outsideisbetter from Instagram: [](

: What a difference a day makes #blueskies #cloudporn #vanishingpoint from Instagram: [](

: Apple Music just lost the war to Spotify Well I finally gave up on Apple Music. I tried, I really did. I wanted to like it, but no matter …

: Looks like we're in for a bit of a rough night #storms #cloudporn #turbulence from Instagram: [](

: Just some #cloudporn at the end of a day, and a break between storms from Instagram: [](

: The year is 2016. Why are we still doing this every day? Where is my flying car? #disappointed #ratrace #trafficsucksballs from Instagram: [](

: Good morning @instagram #betteroutside from Instagram: [](

: Racing the rain again #betteroutside #rideyourbike from Instagram: [](

: My energy completely vanished here. This was my first ride in a week, I've been a little lazy this last few days. Its funny really how …

: That was an unexpectedly steep climb #atx #betteroutside #rideyourbike from Instagram: [](

: My center console right about now... #fzj80 #landcruiserlife from Instagram: [](

: "You know, for kids" @krispykreme #itsabeautifulday #donutswithdad from Instagram: [](

: Don't ever forget why we're here. Make a life that isn't just a living 😬 from Instagram: [](

: #goodtimesgoodfriends #birthdays from Instagram: [](

: #maythe4thbewithyou #uhh #starwars #fatstormtroopers from Instagram: [](

: Jackson and understanding Monday night we went to the dyslexia night event at RRISD. We brought Jack with us, not really with …

: Cross is coming  not a ton to tell, just trying really hard to get in some shape that doesn’t look like a pear …

: This is my standard “no sleep till Brooklyn” arsenal. The wooly hat helps me get my mind …

: #StarTrek marathon in #manspace today (at casa de cazadore )

: @noblesandwiches will let you order ½ and ½. This is the closest to Nirvana the human …

: vintagehack: lukaschung: ‘04 yamaha tw200 Dig it! This thing rocks

: youcantbuyland: cyclocrossnetwork: One of Emily Kachorek’s new Squid bikes. What’s not to like? …

: velo-vogue: :: Velo Vogue :: Now following back From Instagram - I’m …

: Oh @roguerunning how do I love thee! #icewater #atx #kindahot #greatride (at Brushy Creek Sports …

: CR272 one of my last favorite little hideaways, surely to be a victim of development soon. Listening …

: I plot all of these #outdoorshowers on my ride routes. They are absolutely essential in the Texas …

: Rocking to some #brownout #sabbath while sweating my ass off. #atx #greatride (at Brushy Creek Lake …

: beatnikdaddio: ali’s “tree chopping” training for the 1974 george foreman fight in zaire.

: aenimasf: Buongiorno Lovely

: cafuneus: triumph

: kagurazakaundergroundresistance: deadgirls: gkojax: Rusting Sea Forts (by phault) CC BY 2.0(via …

: gifbinge: Rorschach isn’t good with the ladies.

: [gallery] carterson-the-mortal: sizvideos: Video Important. Hahahah

: Happiness is almost never difficult to find :) I know this feeling

: simbartez: jmichealg: bloodedcelt: simbartez: Flak tower. Used against allied aircraft in …

: godsavethevelo: Well, hello there! Wow

: sportbike: The looks of the BMW S1000RR have slowly grown on me over the years. Its performance …

: I am under no obligation to make sense to you. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (via curvesincolor)

: dfitzger: By @hbstache: Mother Nature brings the awesome…you should bring your best #sockdoping …

: Concur Lisa. Concur

: alternative-pinup: Alternative Pin Up


: [gallery] doctorwho: x DOCTOR WHO TODAY. Yes, it is today

: [gallery] steampunktendencies: Steampunk A.T A.T by markus19840420 Amazing

: [gallery] bantarleton: The Charge of the 1st Battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders at Escaut …

: [gallery] orange4angel: Some of the lovely tributes to Robin. (X, X, X and X) Well, nothing I find …


: Sick

: [gallery] Cats enjoy cherry blossoms as much as I

: There might be hope for motorcycles in my pride yet, look at those elbows!!! #yz80 #yamaha #mypride …


: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle

: That’s about as good as it gets

: [gallery] gaaraofsburbia: #when family guy has better morals than america does u kno ur fucked

: I’ll give you two guesses who’s on leave tomorrow?? #newbelgium #rangeripa …

: Sickest 911

: kyusha-gaijin: So close to getting this thing back on the road!!

: dizeaseddatsuns: The moon is awake and so is the beast!



: uncafenoir: bboykrazy: crazyfelo: WANIMAL_TATTOO_80by_hsf441864005 Why not drop dead gorgeous.

: royal-origin: red sun

: stancedautos: Datsun 432




: I love me some Z car

: [gallery] akirateku: It was bound to happen at some point.

: Final Manifest Call for those paratroopers and red hats who have made their final exit. …

: A former “red hat” or American member of the ARVN Airborne Division, salutes the …

: Paratroopers are the same around the world. This fact has led to a lifetime a life time of amazing …

: One of the cooler experiences of my life. We were asked to participate in a ceremony commemorating …


: [gallery] creaturesfromdreams: Featured Artist #21: Rubis Firenos Rubis is a French artist who uses …

: itstactical: RAF Supermarine Spitfire

: [gallery] jocelynejunker: A lot of the tributes have been really sweet but this really made me cry …

: As I listen to French Jazz.



: [youtube camdamage: I’m Afraid of Americans - David Bowie (Source: …

: Yeah yeah, I have a thing for cats. What of it?

: [gallery] drhooktail: Valentino Rossi for Dainese Right… I’m supposed to believe Val …

: [gallery] konaroveti: Finally, black hoods and all SRAM. with the mutanos. Magnificent bike!

: howtobuildatimemachine: Buick Sport Wagon Version 2: Supreme wheels, custom panel paint on gold …

: silkykitty: just a pic from a recent photoshoot I thought you all might like. I liked it..

: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle

: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle

: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle Nice

: Dura Ace, stunning

: [gallery]


: [gallery]

: [gallery] bankston: thedreadpiratejames: People have been remembering Robin’s comedic works all …


: I still can’t get my head around this thing. I can’t imagine what drove Robin to where …


: tarsilveira: 1957 - Libero Liberati - Gilera 500

: [gallery] One of my favorite lines from the movie

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness 356s sooooo do it for me

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness

: the-ghost-darkness: the ghost and the darkness Proper

: bikes-n-girls: Biker girl

: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle


: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle Ewan

: twowheelcruise: life on a motorcycle Love these bikes

: gasinblood: untitled by 大雄樂活 on Flickr. Love it

: [gallery] habermannandsons: Duc of the Day by Moto Studio Nice, big powerful twin, tiny light …



: Sick

: mvagustabrasil: #dragster #mvagustaf3 #mvagustabrutale #motorcycles #moto #mvagustaf4 #brutale …

: What a fucking crash

: militaryarmament: A U.S. Army soldier with Charlie Troop, 389th Cavalry Squadron, 4th Infantry …


: Yeah

: [gallery] This kinda my routine as well…

: [gallery] Big crash for Bautista (FP3, Indianapolis GP) "I’m SUPERMAN BITCH!!"

: asylumharbour: Sir Ian McKellen brings me joy on a daily basis.


: This is some beautiful work with analog cameras and film.


: [gallery] Hahaha

: clubmulholland: Porsche 356 Carrera GTL Arbarth.

: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: tonystarks: my favorite part about tumblr being obsessed with guardians …

: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: Nebula REALLY hope that we haven’t seen the last of her…she needed …

: syfycity: Another veteran of Serenity valley

: [gallery] My baby

: Balls….

: [gallery]


: [gallery]


: friki-kiki: Where is my mind? 

: youcantbuyland: panachecycle’s photo on Instagram … now what does Uncle Eddy say

: youcantbuyland: camds78’s photo on Instagram Look, look away, then look again.

: Iron Man Replacement? No itsstuckyinmyhead: So Marvel has released phase 3. I have a thousand questions but only one I could …

: [gallery] ungoliantschilde: Marvel released some of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” posters.

: [gallery] movies-tv-more: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is now in theaters

: Guardians of the Galaxy Review nerdragefilms: If only Green Lantern was this good. Guardians of the Galaxy succeeds thanks to a …

: [gallery] animpalaoutofhell: We’re just like Kevin Bacon! Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

: Yep (at Regal Gateway Stadium 16 & IMAX)

: From the new @dirtragmag such a cool magazine (at fangorn forest)


: bicycle-babe: Bicycle girl

: Truth

: [gallery] Hahahah

: [gallery]

: @ashleywoodsonjewelry it’s another #tunneloflove (at Walnut Creek Mountain Bike Trails)

: [gallery] believersneverdie5: FUCK YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

: [gallery] 0drawingablank0: Masway.

: thezainist: The best lookin’ Husqvarna we’ve seen since the days of vintage motocross. Husky


: I love a legit old Harley

: @wadeaubin #newbelgium #rangeripa (at NAS JRB Carswell)

: roadworksbicyclerepairs: LeMonster

: blazepress: Aerial Shot of Muhammed Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.

: Get some

: [gallery] do-androidsdreamof-electricsheep: Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) One of my all time …

: [gallery] do-androidsdreamof-electricsheep: Alien (1979) Nostromo

: #atx #pavé #actlikearoadie (at Duck & Turtle Pond)

: It’s not #kindahot today it’s #reallyfuckinghot (at Lake Austin Just Up From 360 Bridge)

: hotrodzandpinups: HRP Absolutely beautiful Impala

: topo-designs: We’re excited to be working with our friends Howler Brothers again, this time on a …

: You always hear about the ” view from the top”, but this would more accurately be …

: The #hilloflife I figured was an appropriate backdrop for my @pedalagainstptsd kit. #bcgb #atx (at …

: This is really the only way to setup hi volume tubeless. Anything else is a waste of time. Also, you …

: In the hall of the Mountain King. #mtb

: historicaltimes: Ernest Hemingway in the bar Floridita in Havana, unknown date. My main man Ernest …

: [gallery] lord of the rings minimalist posters

: [gallery] theblindniggasamurai: Underboob tats are dangerously attractive to me Very nice

: Often overlooked are life’s small rewards #dumbpoetry #kindahot (at Walnut Creek MTB Trails)

: More “tunnel of love” #springsteenreference #kindahot (at Walnut Creek MTB Trails)

: I’m gonna have to permanently spend the #kindahot tag to my ride photos. Crap. 95 …

: Riding at night is just right. The woods are alive with noises, and everything changes. #atx …

: #pacebend (Source:


: [gallery] cami-racing: Porsche at the 1962 French Grand Prix at Rouen. Dan Gurney #30 Jo Bonnier …

: Beautiful morning #atx #coffeeporn

: [gallery] howtocarveroastunicorn: deadmentales: Life and Death - Otto Schmidt Beautiful work.

: bdsmgeek: princedollyjellyfish: princemaxxiekitty: lovelylittlelittlepet: pandasfairyprincess: …

: Star Wars Vintage Poster by Gino Daniel



: loveforiron: We were two this morning…




: [gallery] thefingerfuckingfemalefury: meritones: Batman got the band back together  OH MY GODDESS …

: batibooms: apohly: Love this shot. his gifs are the best holy shit


: Become self sufficient! It scares our government more than anything!


: syfycity: Basic bitches need not apply Like most everyone, I miss firefly

: The modern military office space. iPad, notes, and coffee in a pink cup. And a book about Dr Who, …

: Nice use of purple. :) #atx #graffiti #greatride (at Balcones Community Park)

: The shower at the nut. Very happy. (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: I’ve kinda missed the nut… (at Walnut Creek Municipal Park)

: This guy looks pretty happy! #atx #greatride (at Balcones Community Park)

: This little tunnel section is one of my favorites #secretloop (at Balcones Community Park)

: This was unexpected … (at Apple, Inc)

: Extra special super secret loop… #mtb #atx #greatride #kindahot (at Balcones Community Park)


: [gallery] leviosafloosnitch: some of the best sassy snape gifs i have ever found




: Tres chic,

: Can’t go wrong with #hopadillo @karbach (at Randolph AFB Lodging - Chief Suites)

: wasbella102: The very handsome, and extremely good musician, Mr David Grohl :))))) Dave. Such a …

: buenasuertegirl: I’ve been having fun sorting through photos from @deadendmagazine events and of …

: I uses to have one of these.

: USS Texas in drydock,1916


: lifestyleoftheunemployed: What It Takes

: Motherfucking Muhammad Ali

: dfitzger: By @castellicycling: It’s a special year when we get to see the cobbles of Roubaix put to …


: Beautiful

: [gallery] fuzzyimages: smallandtinyhomeideas: Broadhurst Architects | hat tip tinyhouseswoon Ideal …


: reddlr-carporn: 964 Porsche 911 rally version action shot [1024 x 679]

: [gallery] tiefighters: Star Wars Ladies Created by Estela Villas Plaza

: Just that “Listen Like Thieves” kind of morning. #atx #inxs (at casa de cazadore )


: thecyclissimo: Gorgeous Campy Gruppo. I will always upload parts layout porn. Always.

: [gallery]

: Cherry blossoms

: Some #rutamaya in #wyoming #coffeeporn

: My view this morning, last day on the hill #goldencoyote #wyoming

: #cloudporn #wyoming



: @airbornebc143 and @wadeaubin after another good ride through the sky (at Camp Guernsey)


: [gallery] :)

: [gallery] So, yeah, this is what I do. In case you didn’t know.

: Proper. Rock on Devil Dogs. (at Camp Guernsey)

: cadenced: A fearsome looking Bernard Hinault from Rapha’s profile of the Kings of Pain. An accident …

: 3mv3: Merckx


: Cannibal

: scramblerdays: The Stelvio on her best behavior. #giro (by smashred) God…the Stelvio…

: kyle-lm: freshrosemary: revolights: Watch out cat! My standard yell-out at squirrels and other …


: taku420: hell on wheels japan Excellent

: [gallery]


: asuperiorlife: Sou’Wester Lodge | Seaview, WA. - 2014 Makes me happy

: Tasty beverages…


: devilduck: You gotta believe in something. Hahaha

: meme-meme: stabilized star trek shot Really cool

: [gallery]

: [gallery]


: [gallery] foxhovnd: coolstoryfuckface: Elsa Pageler  Amateur Make-Up Artist Turns Herself Into …

: Majorly bad ass

: More cherry blossoms

: [gallery] Ha - truth

: [gallery] donna-and-mike1615: OH FUCK….LMFAO!!!!! M Hahaha

: helainetieu: Not finished with this bralette yet but this is the floral one so far. Instagram - …

: [gallery] emptyformsemptyform: hnnhmcgrth: Tim Taylor - Domestic Erosion, 2003

: [gallery] Local ride yesterday, in have been remiss in putting these up…

: underview:

: [gallery] stillcold: As featured in Empire Magazine’s May 2014 issue: Sofia Coppola’s (previously) …

: Wow that’s beautiful

: Wow, icon is so nice, but 90,000+ for a 40 series…ugh

: [vimeo 94280188 w=500 h=281] thosewhomake: Make : Forge & Foundry Film : Jason Hudson …

: cremeblush: Angelina Jolie photographed by Steven Klein.

: [gallery] Haha

: meltbrianna: Whoa, today I bought a brand new car with 7 miles on it. Naturally, I go on a bike ride …



: syfycity: Playing Peek-a-Boo Great episode

: mymistakesandretakes: ohscarjo: dehoppus: thisisalifeyoucantdenyus: Everyone looks worried apart …

: Just digging the use of purple here. Very nice.

: Wow

: [gallery] Perfect


: I would really like to spend this weekend taking in precisely this view


: [gallery] Nice day for a ride

: [gallery] Brain dead post long ride days, I just put my coffee grounds in my cup instead of the …

: bluepueblo: Moss Forest Bridge, British Columbia, Canada photo via christine …

: [gallery] Brain dead post long ride days, I just put my coffee grounds in my cup instead of the …



: hotrod-girls: Hotrod Pinup , check more here : Love it

: the term, OH SHIT comes to mind…. Epic

: [gallery]

: syfycity: Almost had the whole crew back together!

: e4rleb1rd: My Goddess.


: handa: 500px: - STONED ART photos by Robin Browne

: escuyer: Café racer Excellent RD

: [gallery] akittensthoughts: Whoa Bad ass

: So much Stelvio, loving the Giro d’Italia

: [gallery] nevver: Tattoo you, Jessica Harrison

: [gallery] fromrheims: Assemble by Blule This is pretty bad ass


: [gallery] Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then on not-so very special day, I …

: [gallery]


: [gallery] bookoisseur: stories-yet-to-be-written: The Best Pictures Of This Year’s Japanese Cherry …



: It’s Time for #thedoctor #drwho


: [gallery] prometheuscurse: jibblyuniverse: Fighting Nazis Serious OMFG …… ok, I hate to admit it …

: historywars: TBD-1 Devastator aircraft dropped a torpedo

: destroyed-and-abandoned: The thirteenth century mountaintop fortress of Rocca Calascio in Abruzzo, …

: destroyed-and-abandoned: Mossy table tops at an abandoned hotel in Japan… Read More This is very …

: Nice shot


: [gallery] eyeswithwhichtosee: Nose art and cabin art, WWll bombers and Korean War aircraft. …

: [gallery] devilduck: James Charles alters the portraits on American dollar bills, exchanging the …



: hotrod-girls: Hotrod Pinup , check more here : Hot rods and …

: Magical

: [gallery] stories-yet-to-be-written: The Best Pictures Of This Year’s Japanese Cherry Blossoms The …


: Katee

: Super nice

: I like everything about this image

: [gallery] Joan in colour. An anon request.

: Excellent

: Sweet



: the60sbazaar: 1960 Playmate Dolores Wells  Wow Playboy had it right in the early days…

: [gallery] Rides over the last few days.not enough, but better than nada.



: [gallery] cross-connect: Hand Poured Sand Art from Joe Mangrum Facebook // Selected by Andrew


: pollutedbrain: :-)~~~

: Yeah dawg

: specialcar: Porsche 356


: itstactical: Ventanilla Playa, Mexico via xenophone

: sinfulsub: Take me away…


: [gallery] How on Earth could you not repost this!

: alternative-pinup: Alternative Pinup girl Follow us at : …

: bikesandgirlsandmacsandstuff: (via Lovely Bicycle!: All Dressed Up and 300K to Go: Turning My …

: plasmatics: { Cherry Blossom } x Тимур Гавришин Cherry Blossoms…magnificent

: comfort-eagle: EPS mapei by willy gil on Flickr.

: [gallery] This is why ultra slo mo was invented

: dilvte: R0020481.jpg (by Ryo(りょう))

: blindbarber: BBLA

: bicyclism: SCOTT RED BULL

: plasmatics-life: Bloomers ~ By HteKmo

: Nice


: [gallery] wombatmac: Seventy-three years ago today, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt took flight for …


: takudeath: - Norah Jones - Corinne Bailey Rae Love it

: [gallery] mkfour:


: syfycity: Lost by Marco Rolandi Ok I’m an alternate universe kind …

: enter-galactic-love: hallucinate  I rather like this…

: [gallery]

: [gallery] habermannandsons: ST4 Special by Marte Moto

: Those socks…

: [gallery] I love a good Jayne reference

: [gallery] shutup-and-ride: the-safety-poobah: kia-kaha-winchesters: 221cbakerstreet: lexillest: …

: sergiomura: Big Beautiful Doll & Ally #5 by Kris Klop - on Flickr.



: suitappreciation: Black Tie


: bikesandgirlsandmacsandstuff: (via Bishop Bikes: Eduardo’s Singlespeed | The Radavist) I love …


: The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel. opening line of …

: If you’d gone to a publisher in 1981 with a proposal for a science-fiction novel that consisted of a …

: I love the 356, mostly for how it looks, as its performance is…underwhelming, but hell it …

: #science bitches

: magnificent nature

: [gallery]


: [gallery] thescienceofjohnlock: ydrill: The infinite patience of dogs. Why can’t cats and dogs …

: [gallery] just for a dose of reality, in any Army in the world, this corporal would reply “Hey …

: [gallery] theblackship: chongthenomad: milk-drink: This is, and forever will be, one of my …

: dequalized: Rudolf Caracciola taking a sharp corner with his Mercedes-Benz W154, in the Coppa …

: suburbanlifedecay: Double trouble.



: Iceland I believe


: want



: isha-zev: Happy Easter :)

: Spent a few days riding in Houston--- So I hit Ant Hills, Memorial, and Jack Brooks park before the storm hit down there and tackied …

: [gallery]

: [gallery] undershark: The cast of The Princess Bride 25 years later. Entertainment Weekly

: perfectlypoly: Word around here is that they ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

: panclasta: Waits



: [gallery] lunalovegouda: I made a thing (Part 2)/(Part 1) LUUUUUUUUV it

: [gallery] 70sscifiart: Six covers by Bob Pepper. Via Ragged Claws

: [gallery] vintagegal: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


: [gallery]

: [gallery] dear-travis: I can only hope to be this cool when I get old as balls.


: [gallery]

: [gallery]

: teachingliteracy: outdoor reading spaces. livos

: [gallery] Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Part 3

: coffee time

: just…damn…

: [gallery] largemick23: Hotel Chevalier

: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: dorkly: The new X-Men movie looks great Charles and Erik decide …


: [gallery] thefingerfuckingfemalefury: littlemothership: cranbarrier: “Welcome to Cardboard Box …

: exceptional




: [gallery] bikersviewpoint: Superb-marcato-studio-shots

: I dont often say this, but in this instance, I believe it to be justified… NOM NOM NOM

: yesceleste: Parenting done right indeed it is…

: I want to ride this road, just once in my life…

: :)

: cadenced: Eddy Merckx hitting warp speed at the 1976 Paris-Roubaix

: cadenced: Bradley Wiggins portrait by Andrew Shaylor. damn he looks like an Irishman…

: randomitus: Raised ignorant I like this shot.

: BMX AND Surf boards…

: I would LOVE to be looking at this, right now. L O V E.

: dog makes me smile


: bcncaferacer: Honda RC30. Great shooting day with @urulo and his collection. Ready for another …

: [gallery] vekst: I finally got a chance to power coat the wheels on the v-twin bike and I love the …

: looks like a magnificent ride

: That is damn cool.


: thievinggenius: Tattoo done by Chaim Machlev.

: a girl and her .45…


: meika-nyah: - Sweet asphyxia






: probike: In To The Light. Photo by Sebastian Bzinkowski

: skter: (via Tumblr Archive Poster)


: foresity: Mountain Tracks || Isaac Gautschi




: trick

: cyclocosm: If this were Sochi, people would be freaking out about the course not being ready in …

: [gallery] beggarman8: Stop it.

: [gallery] final-breastination: many boob such america wow say you dont love America…I dare …





: quimmanaheim: I love claws.. stunning




: diggin the compass

: I’m gonna have to start building me one of these.

: big-dewlittle: 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead Engine by Dolftrain on Flickr.


: Damn…

: [gallery]





: carversed: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2



: cool looking bike shop



: [gallery] bonedeth: Evan Murphy draws on another one of my bikes and I like it.


: Our holidays in 15?seconds… @flipagramapp ♫ Music: Vince Guaraldi Trio - Linus and Lucy …

: #strongson goes laid back and easy tonight

: #cutedaughter is photogenic after all!

: How #smartson is spending his Sunday night. #strongson and #cutedaughter are actually doing the …

: americabymotorcycle: The Run-up Truck by Insomnia Cured Here on Flickr.

: artesempre: Scenery is fine, but human nature on bikes is finer. #keatsremix (at Bon Tempe Lake)

: Jackson is amused at his near apocalyptic destruction of our residence. #christmasjoy …

: iraffiruse: Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

: sirsfyt: The best porn out there is this.

: We have reached the hour that #oldfezziwig is appropriate, as is a photobomb from my #babygoat …

: #newbelgium #frambozen #woodchuck #hardcider #christmasjoy #imahappyfuckingguy #frölichweihnachten

: Milk and cookies for the old guy, #newbelgium #frambozen for me. Frölich Weihnachten überalles (at …

: Hanging with my #babygoat Enjoying a moment of peace in what has this far been a chaotic and …


: red-lipstick: Gaetan Henrioux (b. 1984, France) - Bristol, 2012 Paintings: Oil on Canvas



: Jackson doubling down on the samples today #freelunch #coolkid #son # (at Costco Wholesale)

: !!!

: haukursig: Ikasagtivaq, Ammassalik, east Greenland

: acid-bubble-gum: ☄☽ ☆ ✪✪✪

: #lipsoffaith #newbelgium #pluot #beer

: Relief for my raging #mancold see the steam ? #pho (at Phó Vân)


: Got the Bear with me tonight #gostars #texasstars (at Texas Stars Hockey)

: @thedallasstars #gostars #starswin !!!!!

: My absolute favorite @thed allasstars #raywhitney 2 up tonight !! #gostars

: Go Stars!!! @thedallasstars #gostars (Source:


: #bear @batman_goes_to_hollister




: Fred…

: It’s a smidge #foggy

: #paratroopers #atx #airborne

: #paratroopers in the #rain #atx #airborne



: [gallery] meghannnleighhh: I have a huge fascination with cool lights and lanterns.. Anyone …

: #belgianbeer #belgianthefuckup #beer #goodbeer

: #newbelgium #paardebloom #goodbeer

: [gallery] thecyberwolf: Steampunk Star Wars - Concept Art Artist: Bjorn Hurri Website - Twitter - …

: talesofwar: A member of the “Brigitte” commando, which was part of the 8th RCP at Tebessa, May …

: talesofwar: Barber at work.

: #rain #atx #cold

: #thatsafire in fact, that’s a DAMN fire #goodtimes #fire (at Bastrop State Park) (Source: …

: Playin some #bones all hyped up on Dr Pepper, and S’mores #bastrop #goodtimes (at Bastrop …

: #fire #newbelgium #frambozen #bastrop #winter #goodtimes #happy (at Bastrop State Park, Cabin 9,) …

: First nite at Bastrop State Park, tomorrow that fireplace will be filled with warmth. #bsp #bastrop …

: #newbelgium at the brewery, this is a truly emotional experience … #colorado

: #wyoming #cold #whiteout

: #wyoming #toocold

: [gallery] inthecafe: californiagara: Burt Munro 25 March 1899 - 6 January 1978 The man. The myth. …


: #wyoming #toocold


: It’s dad gum #cold #wyoming

: #newbelgium closed Mondays!!! Sokay, be back Thursday :) #colorado (at New Belgium Brewery)

: at Dadd’s lunch box

: We in Denvah!

: The best possible seat for a short little flight to Houston (at Southwest Airlines at AUS)


: [gallery] wellisnthatnice: The W108

: [gallery]




: [gallery] jacqalan: Lotus 25 Climax . 1962

: Sweet ink



: [gallery] givncvrlos: Scotland | loic lequere

: Bad ass

: #newbelgium #accumulation #beer #atx #austin #toomanyhashtags (at casa de Cazadore)

: [gallery] zekkei-beautiful-scenery: Mt.Fuji Japan 富士山 日本の絶景 Zekkei Beautiful Breathtaking Scenery を …

: Excellent

: Awesome

: dmwnicholas: damn Legs….


: [gallery]



: Whoa

: [gallery] racecafe: Steve McQueen photographed by Barry Feinstein
S A N F R …


: bobberinspiration: Shovelhead bobber


: [gallery]

: yallystilts: Ugh I want this so bad!

: This is a wonderful place to ride (at Marion Sansom Park)

: [gallery] phatbootycuties: Rhythmic Gymnast Shin Soo-ji’s First Pitch. Impressive.

: breadandolives: Local Milk Blog


: [gallery] thechurchofcycling: Look at those stays!

: Totally trick rear end on the CB750 #horsepowerfarm #hpfarm #atx #caferacer

: Crazy nice CB750 at #hpfarm #atx

: #atx #sky #sunrise #texas

: #texas #sky #sunrise #atx

: Sucks to be all y’all! #atx #traffic

: Riding at night changes everything except being smoked and funky at the end :) #atx #bcrt

: Riding at night changes everything!!

: I love #cross season #atx

: M-m-m-mud! ;)

: Good thing I embro’d up, it’s pretty gnarly for Texas #cross #atx #bcrt (at Granite For …


: He looks most #hulklike in this one

: It takes a while to make a good Hulk… #halloween #atx (at casa de Cazadore)

: [gallery] desnudami: ohhkittykat78: <3 !!!! I fucking love this exchange.

: fabforgottennobility: take a shower


: bluepueblo: Lake House, Bavaria, Germany photo via sherissa


: bobberinspiration: Ironhead bobber


: vintage-image: the matterhorn by caitlin frunks on Flickr.


: hollyhocksandtulips: Sweethearts

: More water!! A real water crossing #atx (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: The “creek” referenced in the name “Walnut Creek” actually has water in …

: Shakin thing up, riding the BMX loop FIRST. I know I’m out of control, but hey, this how I …

: [gallery] madness-and-gods: I LOVE THIS FILM and specially this character

: Emilie-Claire Barlow hidden (In America at least) gem… Emilie-Claire Barlow

: #bcrt #atx #greatride (at Brushy Creek Regional Trail)

: Way down there is the “trail” much fun. Now it’s raining…traction much? …

: Lucy did a lot of bathroom bus duties #harvestclassic #atx

: I am such a sucker for two strokes #harvestclassic #smoker

: This #triumph really gets it done #harvestclassic #luckenbach

: Some #harvestclassic site spamming. If you’ve never been to the Harvest Classic, block out …

: Sunday #SamAdams (at casa de Cazadore)

: Harvest Classic 2013 (Source:


: [gallery] crimsongypsy: One of my absolute favorite cinematic moments ever.

: [gallery] jensenacklesruinedmylife: kingjaffejoffer: sktagg23: Dr. Seuss was not even in the …


: There is a part of me that really wants to see this guy fall in… :) #schadenfreude #atx

: [gallery] spooky-vesper: purplespoots: brain-food: The Battle of Helm’s Deep already has its own …

: Yeah dawg…#bacon

: Mmmmm @sweetishhill (at Sweetish Hill Bakery)

: Tonight’s offering to the Limestone gods at Brushy Creek. They take blood.

: #picnic #brushycreek #atx

: needcaffeine: (via meanandproud | scarlett johansson: Usa Esquire november 2013) Scarlett Jo…

: Gracie is having a smoking good time at the #texasstars game

: Your enjoyment of this photo would be so much more accurate if you could hear the 98.9 #KUTX in the …





: Bah!!! Chainring tattoo

: Beautiful afternoon in #theatx #atx #greatride (at Austin Country Club)

: [gallery] cannibalwv: Christina Ricci on a Norton for Oyster Magazine.


: [gallery] pleoros: Pierre J. - Lincorne A photographic series of of the Licorne thermonuclear …

: I wonder why they call this part if the trail #mulligan

: loudpop: BMW 3.0 CS

: americabymotorcycle: Junior’s first ride. HONDA Gorilla Python.

: [gallery] It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial …


: [gallery]

: [gallery] iloveurbumbum: kunty: monkeysaysficus: As much as my heart has recently rotted and …

: Our biggest landing of the day so far… #fishing #atx (at Parmer and Brushy Creek)

: Not too many better ways to start a Saturday than fishing with your son #atx #fishing #sons (at …

: joshemei: What better way to celebrate 80 years of Campagnolo history than a special edition steel …

: Yep, I got caught in the #rain #atx it was pretty awesome.

: The road ahead #up #atx #rain? (at Great Hills Corporate Center)

: #hairylegs (at St Edwards Park)

: ph70s: From Cafe Racer Parma

: My A1 assistant changing the alternator today #ilovemykids #atx (at casa de Cazadore)

: Never Forget (at ghazni, afghanistan)





: collectori: On deck. #Honda #Dream150 #CA95

: [gallery] fuckyeah-nerdery: lolsofunny: zenpencils: CHRIS HADFIELD An astronaut’s advice Chris …

: All alone, room to move #airborne

: I love these old CCC cabins at parks. I was here just in time to catch this BIG tree falling. …

: #ccc #lakebastrop #bastropsp (Source:



: #usparatrooper #airborne (Source:

: #usparatrooper #airborne

: Doin that paratrooper thing

: It’s a beautiful day to jump!!!! (Source:


: [gallery] ilovemy911: Singer

: [gallery] vintage-trailer: 1948 Westcraft Sequoia [source]

: [gallery]

: That is one right proper pizza crust! (at Prima Pasta Pizza)

: killa-kelly: ohthenightsky: <3__<3 :’)


: awesome!






: Riding at the #bcgb is like nowhere else in #austin #atx #greateide (at Barton Creek Greenbelt)

: Not much falling at #twinfalls but the breeze makes the humidity bearable #atx

: [gallery]

: el-osario:  The Ride Launch Party







: rg91: speed

: escuyer: Alfa Giulia GTAm 

: #shutuplegs (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)


: [gallery]

: [gallery] daidegas: Ducati 1199 Panigale MARTINI RACING, more: …




: Damn I dig me some Cadillac…





: fuckyeahhotactress: Milla Jovovich



: Scarlett Jo….

: I love long nose 911s


: Belle, Daddy, and the Bear on cappuccino Sunday (at Starbucks)

: Princess and her strawberry fluff. On cappuccino with daddy Sunday

: grayskymorning: Two Weeks in Umbria

: How we do (Source:

: #timeslikethese #airborne

: How we do #airborne

: #airborne #heavy

: [gallery] It’s how we do…

: Bo Diddly, Bo Diddly, have you heard? We’re gonna jump from a big iron bird… #airborne

: #airborne

: It’s never ALL bad. #fthood #finghot (at Secret Camp Site)

: [gallery]


: One more from the #bcgb yesterday.#atx (at Twin Falls On Greenbelt)

: Freaking #hilloflife #bcgb #atx

: #bcgb #atx (at Sculpture Falls) (Source:

: #bcgb #atx (at Twin Falls On Greenbelt)

: Loop 360 from the BCGB #atx #bartoncreek #bcgb #greatride (at Barton Creek Greenbelt)


: !!!

: bobberinspiration: Harley-Davidson Panhead bobber

: ironcycles: Up next #dtswiss #240s to #stans #notubes #alpha rims with #cxray spokes. Going to make …

: This stuff here will change your life. Some of y’all k ow what I mean #madalchemy #embro …

: btwl: BMW Valve Gear by Suggs on Flickr.



: Barton Springs Resort there in the background. I wonder if they’d let me get a ride up …

: I needed a little green tea to finish this ride… (at Starbucks)

: Americana

: bikejerks: theworcesterwhirlwind: So good Shout out to, y’know, actual bikes!

: I miss this much

: lifestyleoftheunemployed: Lifestyle of the Unemployed

: lifestyleoftheunemployed: Victor. Lifestyle of the Unemployed The Greatest

: lifestyleoftheunemployed: Lifestyle of the Unemployed

: lifestyleoftheunemployed: Lifestyle of the Unemployed




: Exceptional

: scottdoescoffee: The first coffee of the day …

: bluepueblo: Sunset, Los Angeles, California photo via brook Los Angeles, the “story” …

: Yeah it’s the nut #greatride #atx (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: these African tiles ALWAYS catch my eye.

: oooooooh the 4th is almost here…

: There’s a special satisfaction to finishing in the dark. #greatride

: loving the white.

: [gallery] Im usually a semi purist when it comes to 911s, I like long nose, skinny tire, single …


: motoriginal: Porsche 356 speedster by Paul SKG on Flickr.



: manchannel: Classic Porsche Interior

: it should be obvious to anyone who knows me, I am fan of the cars from Stuttgart…

: [gallery] endlessairshow: SS Normandie enjoying her stay in New York.

: the scale of these things is still breathtaking, makes me want a large format camera…

: suicideblonde: Paz de la Huerta photographed by Ellen von Unwerth

: batoblog: Hippie



: [youtube] Lorenzo …

: [gallery] lastofthethymelords: arkhane: Star Wars 80s High School: Luke Binary Sunset, Leia …

: [gallery] WHAT IF other planetary bodies orbited our world at the same distance as the moon?

: mellowdave: Reimers Ranch. This is the reserve part, I missed the cutoff for this Monday, which …

: I love me some Texas. (at Hamilton Pool)

: Refiners Ranch. This is the reserve part, I missed the cutoff for this Monday, which explains my …

: artmastered: Nikos Markou, Shipwreck, 2004


: [gallery] stickmanlooi: Cool abandoned places Part 2.

: that is one sweet ass sporty



: bikesandgirlsandmacsandstuff: (via Tough Cookies | Rapha) Ibis!!


: woodendreams: (by Ah Bee Panda) I want to ride here….


: [gallery] total-filmy: CATALUNYA-2013 - BEST SLOW MOTION

: operationchastise: Mirage III

: So in managed a few miles yesterday, the heat was absurd, and it really impacted me more than I …

: [gallery] I have great places to ride.

: Cycling is a strange deal. I obviously love the feeling, like nothing else, even more than my …



: [gallery]


: [gallery]

: horsthimself: Riding the Basque Coast, Spain

: lateststancenews: Patina


: enjoy the attention, youve earned it buddy.

: standertbikes: japanese style.. yeah!!


: [gallery] chloeygoingoutandabout:  Mixture of various red VWs from shows out and about in the UK, …

: [gallery] Cal!!

: [gallery] Jorge Lorenzo ‘graffiti’ helmet design - The pattern was put together by down syndrome …

: [gallery] Man Guzzi makes some beautiful engines. This is a nice bike.


: http://ride


: Excellent place to ride this bike #kona #cyclocross (at Apple Inc.)

: Per-spec-tive (at Gracywoods Park)

: lolterest: Miley Cyrus and Iron Maiden and boobside flashing the absolute only way possible I …

: [gallery] manxomvroom: Who I’d like to see on Orion next year. Eddie

: [audio …

: [gallery]

: [gallery] Photographs taken inside musical instruments making them look like large and spacious …

: excellent… :)

: [gallery] Yup

: [gallery] I guess it’s celebrity love day.

: [gallery] thefingerfuckingfemalefury: djevelensleketoy: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: In which …

: femininaverdad: I see this all the time riding on my bike. !!


: el-osario: 900ss



: fonrenovatio:

: mellowdave: Wow. Brushy creek kicked my ass. #greatride (at Granite For The State Capital)

: mellowdave: First ride at Brushy Creek trails. #greatride (at Granite For The State Capital)

: mellowdave: #brushycreek

: Brushy creek drew #firstblood

: #brushycreek

: First ride at Brushy Creek trails. #greatride (at Granite For The State Capital)

: Wow. Brushy creek kicked my ass. #greatride (at Granite For The State Capital)

: [gallery] commandmodulepilot: Remembering Gemini 4 - This Day in 1965

: bluepueblo: Cherry Blossom Lake, Kyoto, Japan photo vianicole I love Japan


: [gallery] f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s: charlie terrell


: superb photo

: absinthius: Akrafjall, Iceland Iceland. Definite bucket list destination



: [gallery] thefingerfuckingfemalefury: irene adler + hairporn I am hopelessly in love with this …

: I have a buddy who is into these airheads and boxers in general. Now I have more than a passing …



: NO, No, not me…but Im working on it :)

: Back to what I said about loving storms…

: hawt

: Maiden ../

: A little Ganesh is good

: Rad. Literally

: Nice shot

: There are books stacked like this all over my house…

: _58W0924 by Toe_Ball on Flickr. I want a Ruckus like this, with whitewalls… soon

: brain-food: Alien Lamp I want this

: [gallery] garageprojectmotorcycles: George send me a pic of his bike a few weeks ago and while I …

: [gallery] coolcatmatt: Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics This is pretty …

: mrlapadite: “A motorcycle can’t sing on the streets of a city.”

: scrawnsenior: LEFT full 1 by kope999R on Flickr. Owned by one of my contacts on Flickr. Plenty more …



: [gallery] This conversation is the reason twitter exists. This was amazing.


: amgroma: Submit your bike photos and get featured to thousands of Tumblr cyclists. …

: amgroma: Submit your bike photos and get featured to thousands of Tumblr cyclists. …


: Some shovel love

: Cool


: stromausfall: psychopathicactivity: “Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the …

: freaky-doll-dirty-mind:

: Hot

: Vigilance

: itsjohnsen: A soldier runs under fire. Arnhem, 1944. Unattributed Yeah. That guy is a MAN

: redjeep: On March 19, 1945… the USS Franklin CV-13 and nicknamed Big Ben, is seen here heavily …

: Same thing. Fear and excitement.

: [gallery] Memorials to war itself

: missantroop: Troops watch the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, 1944. George Rodger

: Fear and excitement. This hasn’t changed a bit.

: [gallery] donotdestroy: Consolidated B-24 Liberator Aircraft illustration Nose art

: fabforgottennobility: Bear TU-95 Worthy foe

: hotrodzandpinups: B-24D Liberators Liberator love

: Just a ride out to the country, have a picnic, enjoy the weather and each other. Putter back into …

: :)

: hotrodzandpinups: Cool garage That truck !

: Fine ass ride.



: artissimo: Exotique 3: The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters

: advancedworkshop: SRAM Gear: 11 levels of magic This will likely find home on my Niner later this …


: kucman: FYXO


: advancedworkshop: Horizontal Drop-outs detail

: This simplicity is stunning


: ethereo: … black, white & blue Iceland

: advancedworkshop: Maxxis Minion DHF exo MaxxTerra


: Industrial beauty

: bisikleta: fixed (by michelleciao)

: mellowdave: From the Niner site. Very delicious.

: From the Niner site. Very delicious.

: ileftmyheartintokyo: kimono × camera by ditao on Flickr.


: lensblr-network: Baykal lake, photo by Alexey Trofimov 2013 by Baykal is a …

: crystalshades: wow. now in my faves blog. What an absolutely amazing city.

: lensblr-network: © Phil Vitnell 2013 photo © Phil Vitnell 2013 ( I love storms. I …


: The Embarcadero & Bridge. San Francisco, CA by Craig Hudson Photography on Flickr.


: [gallery] katee sackhoff + tricia helfer !!

: maricsblade: Holy shit. STARBUCK. IN A BIKINI. ON A MOTORCYCLE. Poor Apollo just had a coronary. So …

: Oh yeah :)

: [gallery] mrs-mob-johnlocked: Inside of you This show is just so damn good.

: [gallery] This is a good show. I enjoy it very much

: !!!!!!___??____!!!!!!



: [gallery]

: escuyer: ONE UP, FOUR DOWN See more of our inspiration on Escuyer website Nice

: escuyer: Atelier d’artiste. See more of our inspiration on Escuyer website What a fantastic room

: escuyer: Landmannalaugar, Iceland.  Iceland is magnificent in its austerity

: Walnut Creek Wednesday

: [gallery] As much as I love riding with Sasha, I’ve got to spend more time on the road bike.

: New tape, new bars and stem, she’s looking good and ready to lay out some miles.

: [gallery] April 24th Walnut Creek ride

: What a magnificent place for a morning coffee


: Foreign Words We Could Use in English nevver: Kummerspeck (German) Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon. …

: aswisswithapulse: After the big rainstorm on the Cyclotour du Léman, Heidi aka my girlfriend …

: mrlapadite: When I started racing my father told me, ‘Cristiano, nobody has three balls but some …


: pedalfar: stand (by Flowizm)

: [vimeo 66982189 w=500 h=281] fuzzyimages: yep. that’s not awesome at all.  excellent (Source: …



: delicate



: what a cool room



: mrlapadite: California

: from-mars-with-love: Love for American women


: I often consider, as Im sure others do, just pitching it all, and finding a place like this to …


: ilaurens: Reflect Sunset - By: Robbie Corrigan


: that gets a DROOL

: Vee Dub

: Sick update


: slamthatstem: Walter! Dude loves him some Colnagos! Who doesn’t?

: It’s a little Johnny Depp time


: lady-petrol-head: Here’s another gorgeous pinstriped masterpiece. Same artist - probably the front …


: Again, I dig.


: ogglazvonkush: Rest in peace Chuco!


: Nice!!!

: This is a Harley I can dig

: asphaltheritage: These Alfas are beautiful in the most classic way

: This is just stunning

: Vettel

: Engineer: OK you don’t need to push anymore. You won’t get any more points for that. …

: Right proper use of an SL

: undr: Linda Butler From “Rural Japan: Radiance of the Ordinary”


: Beauty



: wtfkits: cycleboredom: ALL THE ENVE. Most Enve

: wtfkits: “And my hat is the most fast, no?” no one is this cool these days

: thomaszhuang: Thomas Zhuang: Empire State Building Series, #26,2013

: thomaszhuang: Thomas Zhuang: Street Series, NYC #157, 2013 Massive structures. So hard to capture …

: thomaszhuang: Thomas Zhuang: Street Series, NYC #161, 2013 This is beautiful. I have this notion …

: thomaszhuang: Thomas Zhuang; Refraction series, #28, NYC, 2012

: thomaszhuang: Thomas Zhuang: Empire State Building Series, #28,2013

: thomaszhuang: Street Series: New Yorker, 2011 Exceptional. I love these cityscapes

: experimentaljs: Ivan Leonidov



: alorah4lyfee: dlsrlz: Haha. So true

: [gallery] shut-up-you-are: Christopher Walken in Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice [X] Legendary. …

: do want


: !

: Nice



: [gallery] allyourlightcantsaveme: dream bikes: Cervelo r5ca (California project) and Cannondale …

: [gallery]

: julienroubinet: E3 - julien roubinet



: this is a very cool shot

: [gallery] this is such an underrated movie…


: flat-six: Porsche 911’s by Rustiebin2013 on Flickr.

: [gallery] A maze ING




: rismachine: 2387cc…

: I like this for some reason. Not sure why, still thinking on it..

: itmeansmoto: mo Other than the exhaust, this is a bad ass K bike.


: Cool.

: Green is tres cool

: Done it


: [gallery]

: mrlapadite: “If we die, we die. But first, we live.” Excellent


: chirosangaku: Ritte Van Vlaanderen

: atrinaa: donimal: phillyh: 50 years of Porsche. 1990 was a good year. 1993 though Damn I love …

: onathanjayazolay: Yeye.


: Steady cam huh

: [gallery] atrinaa: Don’t understand the feels I’m feeling Oh man I love outlaw 356’s

: Magnificent city

: [gallery]

: dear lord


: old skool Honda. Nice.

: bellabellini: I’m going to do a magical forest visualization exercise & then maybe I’ll fall …




: bisikleta: _MG_7995 (by Stefano Savarino)




: travelingcolors: Brooklyn bridge at night | New York (by Jonatan Martin) NYC

: Bradl!

: turboderek: Rossi at Jerez A little Valentino…

: Bradl!!


: Why is Marquez winning? Look at this…

: Jorge

: raceyourlife64: Sic 58.


: [gallery] Crutchlow!

: Sweet

: Boston. So nice.

: kdimowa: One dream from a little boy Excellent


: [gallery] Bradl!



: Beautiful

: [gallery] !!

: Drooooool


: V



: starwarsfanmedia: One of the most accurate Femtrooper armor drawings i have seen to date. ~The Jedi …

: infinite-paradox: Daniel Büttner

: style-cool-ture: 1976 Honda CB750

: [gallery] muthafuk: Pawel Kuczynski Pretty accurate.



: gasinblood: Porsche 911 - LV3037 by Keith Mulcahy on Flickr.

: [gallery] WHY IN THE HELL am I unable to watch World Superbike in the United States? …

: elorablue: Jennifer Davick Photography The black subway tiles are perfect

: Gettin gas on the go

: Oh man that’s fine

: campbelltoe: omfg ic an’t stop watching this

: laurenrenfrow: The finer things in life. #drivewayparty #cincodemayo #ruckus #racecar #summer …

: babykangarooo: BABY Nothing beats a pair of leopard skin pants

: Magnificent

: What a cool room.


: “Two ideas are psychologically deep-rooted in man: self- protection and self-preservation. For …

: I love how she smiles during the absolute naughtiest of things…

: I do love the ATX (at Scenic Overlook)

: lifeat1point4: Whoa

: There have been times when this would have been the greatest sigh ever.

: [youtube It should go without saying (if you really know me) that this is the …

: The albatross, begins with his vengeance…a terrible curse, of thirst has begun…

: [gallery] codydub: baby!


: [gallery]







: bikesandgirlsandmacsandstuff: Rusby Cycles (by

: Excellent



: sourire-froid: “This shot is the most expensive shot in silent film history. It was filmed in a …

: we-are-so-crazy:

: x-enial: Glacier Fed Lake - Alaska (source)

: tearingdowndoors: Andrew H Wagner | AHWagner Photo nice place. Reminds me of PA

: So very much the life

: [gallery] The good old days

: [gallery] I dig me some old skool dub.

: Coolest ruckus ever. Nice Dub too.

: Bad ass knuckle

: Dude looks happy



: fullyfixed:  (by __JTA)

: aaronsturgis: These! #taylorphinney #giro #empire

: cyclivist:

: wiliertriestina: Starla during her 80kms breakaway at Vuelta A El Salvador #bike #wilier …

: fonrenovatio: F @ C K !!


: [gallery]

: ironcycles: engineeringnow: More at Industry Tap Cool photo, cool bike. But, who built it? That …

: Ha!

: Steve

: [gallery] Nice VW.

: Yep. That right there.

: iampunkassbetch: coffee coffee coffee coffee (Taken with GifBoom)

: This is one of my favorite photos of all time

: gatsbymovie: Prepare for the Summer of Gatsby: watch the live stream of The Great Gatsby premiere …

: [gallery] lordgundam01: daryltohblogs: poplockgrimlock: slugbox: kaijucast: howtoraiseageek: …

: [gallery]


: brendenvalks: Can’t wait for this. More of this soon

: [gallery] I’m passively searching for a 50’s era truck

: twelve1seven: amazing Awesome

: Heidi Klum is one of the very few current celebrity women that I find truly attractive


: [gallery]

: han-polo: Fandom Meme: Five Quotes [ 3/5 ] “ The force is with you, young Skywalker… But you are …

: And the mome raths…

: samuel-long: Steve and Neile McQueen, Big Sur, California, 1963, (Photo by John Dominis) This is …

: [gallery] gq: The Steve McQueen Look Book “I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” - Steve …

: And there you will long to return: Bell Boeing V-22 "Osprey" delirious-burning-blue: Bell Boeing V-22 “Osprey” The V-22 is a revolutionary aircraft using a …

: flying-fortress: The last airworthy B-29 Superfortress, “FiFi”

: flying-fortress: P-38 Lightning This thing…

: beethovensteaparty: “Afterburner” by Josh Berman

: fuckyeahairplaness: caribbean blue ocean (by gemini spy) I love the Caribbean. I haven’t been …

: flying-fortress: F-86 Sabre

: artistfiend: Kick ass. Can’t you hear this guy in your mind. 👳

: themodernexchange: Paso Robles Wine Country Shoot | Inspired by This




: [gallery]

: vandertorque: First photograqphy of the first motorbike in Cusco, Perú. By Martín Chambi, early …

: [gallery] missdanidaniels: suicidegeeks: nebulalupus: flowingpixelstream: daftguy: maskedruins: …

: [gallery] theomeganerd: Destiny & Killzone 3 ~ Artwork by Jesse van Dijk Im such a fan of …



: [gallery] pockami: Bioshock: Infinite Elizabeth cosplay by pockami Photography/Post processing by …

: theomeganerd: BioShock Infinite by Patrick Brown

: flat-six: IMG_8590 by Maxime Malet on Flickr.

: topinteriordesigns: Industrial Interior Design …






: pedalfar: Cervelo S5: A Lust for Life - Bike Hugger

: [gallery] gashetka: 1959 | Lotus 11 | Steve McQueen | Source


: chris9076: P-51 Mustang - ‘Daddy’s Girl’ nose art

: veronicahhh: “Warning Shot” by RETNA (2011, ink and latex on DC3 aircraft, 203 x 776 x 1,142″) (via …

: Reminds me of my youth

: bisikleta: Solitude (by SaMoBiker)

: amgroma: Submit your bike photos and get featured to thousands of Tumblr cyclists. …

: fuckyeahcycling: Theo Bos (via Timeline Photos) Desolate place to ride, but no less awesome

: [gallery] coolerthanbefore: 1964 VW Bus race transporter and Porsche Formula V car

: [gallery] donotdestroy: Consolidated B-24 Liberator Aircraft illustration

: [gallery]

: hi-ho-: Tumblr Port - すべて ランキング - photo:


: oloucodoalex: The first steps to freedom


: elorablue: IMG_0166_1 by Nicole Franzen Photo on Flickr.

: [gallery] Ahh Joan

: comicbookcosplay: Cosplayer: Sylver Photographer: Alexis Muñoz Location: National Library, Chile …

: This would be a wonderful morning ride

: Beauty

: Wingin it

: [gallery] zhigelev: Moto Brilliance Ducati 1000 Loud much?


: jsquared78: One day you will be mine…#georgetown #ducati #1098 (at Clyde’s of Georgetown) 1098









: [gallery] I love m some Katee…



: Most delicious






: majestic



: [vimeo 62831216 w=500 h=281] Teton Gravity Research Aerial Reel - The Bay Area in 4K

: [vimeo 61487989 w=500 h=281] Time-Lapse | Earth magnificent

: wedoitforthemoneyobvi0usly: <3___<3 Choice

: thecampervan: #vw #campervan #camper #splitscreen #splitty #sunset #bay #camping by bishandush …

: F1



: this my plece of shangri-la


: musesofdesign: (via i could live here: bauhaus in kensington. / sfgirlbybay)





: Promised land 2%, the recovery drink of champions. And me.

: Watching my birthday gift :) (at casa de Cazadore)

: It’s almost like a fall day, the sun is login the sky and the air is cool. Great day to ride. …


: flat-six: Masters Historic Festival 2012 - Brands Hatch by ComfortablyNumb… on Flickr. Sweet

: [gallery] alabamapines: me too bro Dustin Hoffman is awesome

: Simple


: I just rode single track from my house all the way to Walnut Creek. Less than 700m of pavement the …



: Right now he’s trying very hard to figure out how this works… (at Water Wall)

: Water Wall

: Water Wall

: Water Wall in Houston

: at Williams Tower

: at Williams Tower

: at Water Wall

: 100% Taquito (at 100% Taquito)

: nonconcept: Volkswagen Beetle.

: gbumr: (via Carol LeFlufy House Tour : Carol LeFlufy House Tour : Apartment Therapy)





: Truth

: wbsloan: Nightfall


: “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve …


: “Motion blur” (at Apple - Building 1)

: Not quite single track, but when you need to ride, you take what you can get. (at Apple Inc.)

: There’s always somewhere to ride if you look hard enough

: [youtube 2013 Ducati Hypermotard - Nicky Hayden Great Speed Track Test (by …


: Table. Success.

: So much good #shift @newbelgium #niner

: maadfoodhouse: Good morning : ) Nothing comes close to the press


: More picnic table #zen (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: Obligatory “almost home-low water crossing pic” #yaytailwind #cervelo

: Mid ride “picnic table in the park” break. BTW I highly recommend jamming to some Queens …

: My legs were skinny, pale, and hairy. Remedying one of those was easy, they are now skinny, ORANGE, …

: clockback:


: Cool. Period.

: My ever improving bicycle maintenance area… #zen

: But these are such nice shoes @fizik

: stuckinthe80s: radical ducati

: Classic RS

: Beautiful



: that coffee is amazing…

: indeed

: Midtown Manhattan, NYC I love these city scape photos


: Christy Mack

: Who doesnt love this image

: We should hope to look half this good at 57


: The floor would drive me insane, Im super uptight about them, but ther rest of this room is …

: very bohemian


: Awesome

: Helocasting 088 on Flickr. good ol days

: Grant Cornett

: uncovermeintime: I want to go to there.

: [gallery]


: [gallery] sayomcauseim: A litt arm balance sequence.


: ryanssmith: George reads of the assault on reason.


: untitled by virginiaz on Flickr. stunning









: mmmm coffee



: fonrenovatio: Best Bum City Ever.




: I would love to find this on a ride

: manxgoose: Norton Dunstall more on :


: How did you spend your weekend?

: Today’s “feet in the world” pic

: [gallery]

: [gallery] fantastic villain…

: [gallery] valscrapbook: forwardboldly

: nhlbruins: Gregory Campbell takes a moment to stretch before morning skate. #nhlbruins



: Awesome

: [audio… [spotify …



: I like beauty. no apologies.

: Wow…

: Sometimes a nice cappuccino and some @kateesackhoff make me so much more productive

: [gallery] cerenaleigh: nightmareloki: lulubonanza: Awesome Stained Glass Lamps Made By Michael …


: Russians in honor of ovechkin and the @washcaps game vs the @nhlflyers

: Vegetarian soup

: Making the most of the power outage at work

: East Austin


: East Austin ain’t what it used to be

: What a cool building, new city court building

: star-wars-daily:



: Sweetish Hill with Princess Belle this morning

: these are the truest words “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where …

: [gallery]

: i use one or more of these every single day„,

: fucking magnificent

: the Classics are coming! the classics are coming!!

: She is at rest today


: Suburban hell with a pretty sunset.

: Molly

: The difference with which one can cover the same piece of ground on two separate machines can be …

: Taking the Cervy today.

: I think the blue feel this has shows just how damn cold it was riding today… #13for13

: 13 for ‘13 (at Brushy Creek Sports Park)





: [gallery] My thoughts exactly.

: fuckyeahhotactress: Helena Bonham Carter in Les Miserables Yep..

: carpentrix: Highrises surround this garden in the middle of Tokyo. But being there, walking along …

: [gallery] rcruzniemiec: Pennsylvania Station From the collection Changing New York: Photographs by …


: very cool photo

: She is sooo amazing

: Christmas Day with the cold wind blowing… (at Lake Creek Toll Plaza)

: Christmas Day ride with the cold wind blowing (at Lake Creek Toll Plaza)

: 996 love…. @ducati on Flickr. Fuck me thats a beautiful bike…

: Very satisfying ride today on Flickr. Very satisfying spin in the woods today.




: weaponoutfitters: This photo: way too shecksy for Facebook Chanel with a Blue Force Gear Lightweight …

: weaponoutfitters: Another one from the archives! Almost exactly a year old Photo by Bella. Link is …




: My room. RHIP (at Camp Swift Barracks)

: My fine rack (at Camp Swift Barracks)

: @kleenkanteen taking care of Army guys and coffee needs. @snowpeak and @petzl too (at Camp Swift …

: [gallery] endlesslydead: jyuushiro-daniel-ukitake: -eternalflame: Instant reblog forever OMG …

: aquaticwonder: The Terminator: the line of night and day  Sweet

: ticopolotatuado: Shige

: I love Cherry Blossoms

: landscapering: Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada (by (Ashley)) this just screams …

: This is how I feel already and December has barely started.

: :P

: Time to decompress a little…today has been a crazy, twist me tight kind of day. and Im wrapped …

: Debbie Allen (My Brother) Me My youth

: First in the water today. The water is perfect, smooth, still, like glass. The air isn’t …

: Tonight, tonight, tonight…. got a little knackered.

: Tonight’s haul (at casa de Cazadore)

: Leinenkugels and my #HersheyBears hat win the first round…but…

: Very satisfying ride today, the entirety of Walnut Creek, including the windy city, marks art, BMX, …

: Post Turkey Ride,complete with fresh blood

: Turkey Ride!!! (at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: Damn!

: Sunset in the ATX

: Red Dawn, (1984 version) I just watched this, and its everybit as compelling as it was in 1984. The basic premise is that the …


: Cockpit

: It leans waaaay over. Note the foot peg

: Termignoni

: 996 love…. @ducati

: Mystery Ranch cameo role

: Shiner One Three

: Life is a lot more bearable with good friends.

: This is exactly the type of thing I do. rangerthefuckup:

: this is pretty sick.

: Catching up on my reading while my daughter sharpens her Lacrosse knives… #fallintexas …

: Power outlets…more valuable than gold for travelers (at Harrisburg International Airport …

: panasonicyouth: 8bit-ghost: Best costume ever. Everyone else can go home. This guy gets all the …

: Hurricane Sandy (Atlantic Ocean) Sandy is a bitch. My walls are concrete, bring it on. Show me what you got. Hurricane Sandy …

: yep. Thats me. 14,900 feet over South Eastern Afghanistan. Good Times.

: wow-photojojo

: summer slips into fall Its darker much later each day now. It’s fully 7:30, and the sun has only just started to peak …



: A little more Ali

: her handlebars are…dopey….

: Storms on the ocean have a special feel. I used to sit and watch them roll in from far out at sea …

: excellent

: These boots and I have been around the world, (literally), and they are very much, MINE.

: Mr Jimmy

: The absolute GREATEST FIGHTER of all time. People argue with me that “He was the greatest of …


: all my weaknesses captured in one simple image.

: Cityscapes are fascinating, there are probably 250,000 people milling around unseen in this one. I …

: More

: The mist in the air makes everything calm, like after a snowfall.

: "The more inebriated citizens were a little harder to understand as they often repeated the …

: Now this is just a cool picture. No way around it.

: who doesnt need ten of these around the casa?

: This is where I live for two more weeks (at Fort Indiantown Gap)

: Seems appropriate, since I’m five minutes from Hershey Pa. (at Fort Indiantown Gap)


: at DiNic’s Roast Pork and Beef

: Liberty Bell (at Liberty Bell Center)

: Obligatory feet in the world pic (at Liberty Bell Center)

: at Independence Hall


: at Independence Hall

: Nicole Kidman - Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz, December 1997

: My obligatory “feet in the world” picture. (Taken with Instagram at Marquette Lake)

: Water tower with “gap” in the back ground (Taken with Instagram at Fort Indiantown Gap)

: The “Gap” in the name Fort Indiantown Gap. (Taken with Instagram at Fort Indiantown Gap)

: Fort Indiantown Gap (Taken with Instagram)

: Collaborate and Listen… (Taken with Instagram at Fort Indiantown Gap)

: [gallery] which is why we like them both,

: [gallery]

: Insulated Kleen Kanteen rocks. (Taken with Instagram)

: Even better… (Taken with Instagram)

: Pretty much exactly what I expected PA to look like. (Taken with Instagram at Fort Indiantown Gap)

: Awesome place to ride a bicycle (Taken with Instagram at Fort Indiantown Gap) My ‘cross bike …

: We had a good afternoon together. (Taken with Instagram)

: Rides done. Tired now. (Taken with Instagram)

: Getting our read on. (Taken with Instagram)

: Flat!! (Taken with Instagram) I havent flatted in five years, and this one was weird, it went down …

: I’ve been waiting on this cookbook for two weeks… (Taken with Instagram)

: AJs birthday layout (Taken with Instagram)

: Riding my way into happiness Obviously I’ve been riding a lot. After a year of doing nothing but swimming and lifting, …

: Waiting on women… (Taken with Instagram)

: Taken with Instagram

: Enjoying a cookie

: Awesome ride at Walnut Creek tonight (Taken with Instagram at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: Good ride comrade! (Taken with Instagram)

: Anarchy!!! (Taken with Instagram at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park)

: Taken with Instagram

: Taken with Instagram

: Gloves and a good look at why (Taken with Instagram)

: Cervelo (Taken with Instagram)

: Cervelo and open road (Taken with Instagram)

: my choice of music to ride the bike to. Eddie Vedder, regardless of the incarnation.

: Rome’s pizza (Taken with Instagram at Rome’s Pizza)


: New shoes (Taken with Instagram)

: The bicycle chains I’ve gone through in the last few years. I had planned to throw them out …

: [gallery] The Himalayas, I have been to some remote places, not Nepal, but I have been to places in …

: [gallery] thedailyfeed: This is the speech President Richard Nixon was prepared to give in case …

: Negotiating for Legos

: It’s Saturday coffee time. I call this my “Navy” mug, though I got it from a guy …

: I like nice things

: Pushbike stuff Embrocations, hydration etc. I seem to be on a grassroots push these days, with Mad …

: [gallery] ethiopienne: preach, boo.

: This song really hooked me on OMAM Little Talks ofmonstersandmenmusic: UK!! We had been waiting for so long to get this single out to you! Thank …

: just the city

: You just don’t see this anymore. A small, genuine barber shop in Providence, Rhode Island.

: Reminders of Armyisms The Army, especially above the company level is such a dysfunctional animal as far as staffing and …

: Two weeks in the woods It blows my mind how bad the Army is at integrating communications between adjacent units, or even …


: Starting the morning It should be 107 degrees today, and the 73rd day over 100 this summer. I figure I need to take …

: I love the sound of my Son's laugh... He just started laughing at something my daughter said, and even when sick, he is absolutely …

: New Year, New Day This is looking to be a pretty good year.