Sunday Morning

Good Morning. Im beginning my day with some Miles Davis courtesy of KUTX and Sunday Morning Jazz, which I enjoy to no end.

Summer has arrived here in Texas. I walked Miss Betty this morning at about 830, and it was already 84 degrees. We’re no where near as hot as it usually is this time of year, and we’ve been thankful for the cooler weather so far, but I can’t help but think Mother Nature is saving up to give it all to us at once.

This weather is always a catalyst for discussion about where we would like to live outside of the blast furnace we call home now, and this year it takes a little more seriousness, as I’m not too far from retirement. Close enough indeed that it’s time to start some serious thinking on the subject.

We are traveling to California next month for a week, and I know that will spur some ideas of moving there. Im not against it, thanks to the popularity of Austin, most of the reason real estate there was so insane has actually moved here. For what this house will sell for we can buy an ocean front lot up the coast from Los Angeles with money to spare. There are of course, plusses and minuses to everything.

I hope you all have a fine day.

Dave @mellowdave