Everyone is sick

Tonight is a hot toddy night Two winter spice tea bags, 2 Tablespoons of local honey (local is important for relief) but not essential for flavor 2 oz of whiskey (you can omit if you abstain- thoughts on alternatives?) 2 teaspoons of lemon juice Brew in a teapot for five minutes then separate into two…Read more »

Harvey Damp

The Hurricane known as Harvey put a bit of a slow down on my riding here lately. Thankfully we’re far enough up in central Texas that we didn’t get a ton of damage ourselves, just some fallen sheetrock due to water penetration on the house. Certainly nothing like what our friends and families in Houston…Read more »

Time to ride

If there was one thing in the world I could have more of, it would be time. I could live without more money (though that would always be nice), I have all the love I need thanks, but what I dont have, and can’t seem to ever get enough of, is time. I’m reasonably disciplined…Read more »


As the title says, the heat has a been a real factor here in the ATX lately. We’ve just had our 11th day over 100, and the number itself isn’t the most revealing, with heat indices over 110 most of those days. I’ve been training in the morning a bit to take a little of…Read more »